• Wear comfortable clothing that you can get up and down from the floor in, gym or workout clothes are perfect.
  • Bring water, a towel and a mat. If you do not have a mat we will provide one for you.
  • If you have NEVER do yoga before start with any class that is an hour or less. These classes are slightly slower paced for new students.
  • Arrive at class 5 minutes before the nominated start time of the class.
  • ALWAYS notify the teacher of any injury you may have prior to the start of class
  • Refrain for wearing heavy fragrances. A lot of deep breathing going on ;-)
  • ALWAYS notify the teacher IMMEDIATELY if a physical adjustment causes you any discomfort or pain.  
  • If your studio yoga mat is wet or damp at the end of class from perspiration, leave it at the side of the studio to dry.  Notify the teacher so they can put it away for you at a later time.
  • Avoid eating a snack 1 hour prior to class start time (this rule is not applicable to pregnant women)
  • Avoid eating a heavy meal 3-4 hours prior to class start time.
  • Students are requested to enter and leave a class with minimal noise and disruption. This is particularly important when other students are practicing asana, meditation, pranayama or relaxation.
  • Students must take shoes off in the studio room.
  • ​It is appreciated that all students wear deodorant and suitable clean clothing to class.
  • To participate in a yoga class, you must pay for that class prior to the commencement of the class.
  • Flip Your Dog Yoga takes no responsibility for personal property left in the studio.
  • Physical adjustments are an accepted part of the practice by Yoga students and Teachers. If you do not wish to receive them you must inform the teacher prior to class commencing.

Flip Your Dog Yoga is designed to take care of all your fitness desires, including your psyche in yoga class.  Our philosophy is to teach you everything there is to know about your body and different types of yoga.